Stav & Dudi
Sexta-feira, 17 Agosto 2018, 21:00
Stav & Dudi
Stav and Dudi are a sister-brother duo. Ethereal vocal harmonies intertwined with two guitars, the music is at once daring, soothing and captivating. Born in Israel with Iraqi and Polish heritage, the two grew up in Bellingen, Australia. The songs are inspired by their journey of migration between Israel and Australia and the creative melting pots of Melbourne and Tel Aviv. After a few years of living oceans apart, Stav and Dudi reunite to present their debut European tour and EP release. Stav released her debut album ‘The Horizon Line’ in 2016 celebrating with shows interstate and overseas. Dudi is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne) and is currently based in Tel Aviv developing his own unique language for the guitar.

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